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Bye Bye Fly

August 29, 2009

Sometimes I regret this being a semi-public blog, because I would dearly love to blog about my recent dating life. But I shall not. I will simply say that my schedule has become more open.

Anyway, on to other subjects. Oh my goodness how happy am I? I made Comment of the Week on Bye Bye Pie! June is the funniest blogger I know. Funnier than I Can Has Cheezburger, and that’s pretty funny. And she is incredibly prolific. I think she posts every day! How can one person have that much funny? Anyway, if you don’t read her you should. Just know that you’re going to start incorporating phrases such as ding dang and bringing milkshakes to people’s yards.

June has bajillions of readers and they all leave funny comments, so she selects one each week as best. I would totally love to steal that idea but a) that would be totally cheesy and b) I have like 5 readers and I think the charm would wear off after about 5 weeks. So I’ll just stick to stealing her phrases and stories to make me seem wittier than I truly am. Thanks June!

Here is a fantastically crappy picture for you. Goes to show you should not try to take pictures at dusk. This picture was completely black with a flash of white for the street sign, but thanks to the magic of my computer, I have summoned up a photo for you. Kind of like serving you a burned casserole with the top scraped off. But we’re friends, right?

Anyway, the point of this picture is to show off my new storm door.   Please ignore my sad hydrangea.  That poor thing tends to get tipped by the drunks.  When they aren’t too busy peeing in my alley.

Back to the storm door.  I just got it put in this summer and it sure is handy. Not only does it let my neighbors know I’m open to receiving callers, it is the best fly-letter-outer ever! I am not a fan of flies. In fact one of the most memorable experiences I have is being at a wedding in Mexico where the family served a buffet outdoors. It was COVERED in flies. I was hungry, but I barely ate anything. And the grosser thing was that no one else seemed all that put out by it! They were all eating!!!!!!

Back to Baltimore and my fly problem. As Cecilia gets older she is moving more and more slowly. Which means the door is open longer when we come in from our walks. I think flies in Baltimore must have some sophisticated communication device of which we are completely unaware. Because approximately 8.4 flies come in each time I open the door. And then they’re buzzing around, dive bombing my food, playing chicken with the light bulbs, you know the drill. So very very annoying. But if I discover them during the day, I can simply open my front door and let the magic window that is my storm door sing her sweet siren song. Bye bye fly!

Not to be confused with Bye Bye Pie. Seriously, go read it.

PS I have no idea why my picture shows up twice.  I’m such a WP rookie….

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