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Processing Things

September 2, 2009

I’m so excited!  Guess what I just got?

food processor

This gorgeous black beauty.  It’s a food processor.  Oh my, do I feel like a grown up.

And even better?  Guess how much it cost.

Nothing!  Yep, it was F – R – double E!  Courtesy of the fabulous Centsational Girl!  If you haven’t checked her out before she has just debuted a nifty new blog design and layout.  And Centsational Girl has all of these really neat and wonderful decorating ideas.  None of which I will ever do.

Do any of you do that?  Lurk around on blogging sites that have absolutely nothing to do with your life?  Sister thinks I have some kind of a blog habit on account of the random web links I email her on occasion.   For example, she is the only member of my family who has ever quilted and yet I’m the one who reads Film in the Fridge and drools over the quilts.  AND I send her parenting stuff, even though I have no kids of my own!  Ok, I do take foster kids from time to time, but that’s beside the point.  For a while I was reading three knitting blogs and I don’t even crochet, much less try to add an extra implement and knit. 

I finally dropped the knitting blogs.  One can only see so many knitted socks before one is over it.

But what does one really want?  Oh yes, ideas for things one can process with one’s brand-new-still-in-the-box processor!  I opened the box last night and read the owner’s guide that was sitting right on top.  Sadly I did not see any recipes included.  Perhaps there is a separate recipe booklet deeper in the box?  I didn’t unpack the processor yet because the blades right on top kind of scare me.  What if I process myself?

So how do you use your food processor?  My neighbor has promised to share her hummus recipe.  What else do I need to know?  Help me interwebs!

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  1. September 2, 2009 4:31 pm

    ‘What if I process myself?’–you are hilarious! And yes, you are more grown up than I am because I have never had a food processor. The only thing I ever wanted to process was pie crust, and sadly, I no longer have the need to make pie.

    And you’d better stop with the bloggy links, or I will rename you the blog pimp on my sidebar! You got me hooked on bye bye pie, and now I’m going to check out these links!

    I still don’t see your picture…

    • allthingsjuice permalink*
      September 2, 2009 4:46 pm

      Oh Debby, you will be hooked on Film in the Fridge. She does some beautiful work. I especially love the attention she gives to the back of her quilts!

      And your blog kind of counts as vicarious lurking when you get into your crafty stuff.

      And hey! I don’t see my picture either! Maybe wordpress likes me better anonymous…

  2. September 2, 2009 5:52 pm

    I use my food processor a couple times a year and although you won’t use it often, you will consider recipes not otherwise worth your time. Tonight – this very night, mind you – I am pulling out my food processor (Sears, 1978) to make a recipe called rhubarb dream. It’s like my KitchenAid mixer in that both items are best for the laziest cooks, not the most prolific. Those people who cook everything and anything can get away with using a spoon or a chopper and aren’t the least intimidated by mixing cold butter into flour. ME? I need me some power so I can stand by and hum while a machine does all the work. It’s the AMERICAN way! (hums God Bless America)

  3. September 2, 2009 7:00 pm

    i lurk on fashion sites alot 😉

    ina garten uses her processor all the time!

  4. September 2, 2009 8:54 pm

    Oh, my blog roll has THE most random assortment of blogs and my real life friends and family think I’m nuts because I talk about my friends from Bloggeritaville. 🙂

    I forget to use my processor, so I’m not very helpful with any hints in that regard.

  5. September 3, 2009 5:26 pm

    *sigh*…we have a food processor attachment to our Kitchen Aid mixer, but rarely use it. Unless we have to shred *large* amounts of cheese or something, because KA is in the closet and I get a good strength workout wrestling it to the counter top to use it for anything.

    But a regular food processor? O, what can it not process? I’d use it to do lots of veggie chopping. Or making pesto. Or gazpacho, provided you can find a tomato with any flavor….even our foggy Farmer’s Market does not have them, only 50 vendors all hocking lettuce, artichokes, and flowers. Except the blueberry vendors who come all the way from Fresno. Maybe I could convince them to pick me up some tomatoes on their way over sometime?

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