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Meet My New Purse. I Named Her Sonya.

October 16, 2009

My birthday season is upon us.  And here is an early birthday present from my sister*.    Isn’t it darling?  Or even darlin’ plus?  You can’t tell all that well from the pictures, but it’s made from squares of abalone (or mother of pearl?  I don’t know) all stitched together.

*PS, my sister changed her blog name and address.  You can now find her here.


I think she is beautiful and exotic so I named her Sonya.  Because I knew a girl named Sonia McDaniel growing up who was very pretty and a good dancer and gymnast. 

I don’t know if my Sonya is a good dancer.  Time will tell.

Back story:  KK and I had a girl’s weekend in San Francisco in March.  I got a little nutso in Chinatown drooling over all the gorgeous bags.  So when KK had an opportunity to get back to SF in May, she made getting this purse for me a top priority.  And then she had a baby because Cricket decided to show up 3 weeks early. 

It’s like KK went to SF in May thinking only about me!  Because she returned with two of my favorite things:



Please do not ask me which I like more.  I do not want to hurt Sonya’s feelings.

Anyway, here is Sonya getting ready for a night on the town.


And here we are together.  Notice how Cecilia slyly wormed into that picture?  She makes it look all accidental, but don’t be misled.  That dog is a fool for the camera.  Can’t you tell?


Here me and my forehead are offering a beer to Sonya.


Mmmmm, Sonya sushi likey likey.


R enjoyed Sonya’s company as well.


Sonya’s drunk.  Notice her table dancing.  Time to go home.


I’m a work today, but Sonya’s home nursing her hangover.  Lightweight.

Whether it’s your birthday season or not, I hope you have a happy Friday.  Try not to get so drunk that you embarrass yourself like my purse Sonya.

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  1. October 16, 2009 2:25 pm

    Juice, that is pretty funny. But the best part is ‘my birthday season.’ I celebrate that way too but I didn’t have a name for it LOL! Happy birthday season to you, and tell that Sonya to behave herself!

  2. October 16, 2009 4:35 pm

    Happy birthday season to you, Juice! And my goodness, Sonya is so glamorous! (And quite a wild one, there with her table dancing…your post cracked me up!) What a wonderful gift from your sister.

  3. October 19, 2009 10:09 am

    Sonya looks a little slutty dancing on the table! hahahaha!!
    Ok- saline nose spray… I don’t know but someone sent me an email saying you should do this 2X’s per day to “clean” your nose out from all the germy’s… I’m not taking any chances- spray twice & wash hands till bloody- no exceptions! if i could enclose our house in that giant shrink wrap you do to boats in the winter, i would!! the news has got me scared to death about this pig flu…..
    Ok, gotta go wash my hands just for thinking about that dirty girl Sonya!
    ~misschell- the original chinamommy of the famous chinamommy blog (yeah, i’m full of myself)

  4. seriouslykk permalink
    October 20, 2009 12:52 pm

    Wow! Sonya photographs beautifully, but I agree with Chinamommy that Sonya’s a little slut. Ah well, we all must have someone like that in our life. Your post made me laugh out loud! I’m glad Cora decided to at least allow us to pick up the purse before making her grand appearance. 🙂


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