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10×10 Challenge – Days 3 & 4

November 21, 2009

What I forgot about walking 10,000 steps per day:

Walking with friends is so enjoyable!

Yesterday my friend Alaska and I did an early morning walk before work.  I never would have gotten out there on my own, but meeting her forced me out of bed.  I had over 7000 steps before I even left for work yesterday!

Total steps for Friday (Day 3): 13411*

*It would have been even higher, but I took the pedometer off before going out to dinner with my friend.  Because while it is true that I am a huge geek, sometimes I try to camouflage it in public.

Today I went hiking with 3 girlfriends up at Oregon Ridge Park.  I partly have Facebook to thank.  Now I’m not a huge Facebook user.  I refuse to poke people, play Mafia Wars, grow things on a mythical farm, collect eggs or send virtual presents.  And I think the status updates can be very overused.   I really don’t need to know that you’re headed to Starbucks, or that little Dylan has the sniffles.  But I do post statuses (stati??) on occasion.  Earlier this week I posted a status saying that I was contemplating a hike on Saturday.  And 3 friends expressed interest in joining me.  Yay!  Hiking with a small group is so much more fun than going solo or with just one other person.   More stuff to talk about, more people making observations, more people commiserating that this hill might just never end.

Don't these people look happy to be hiking together? And no, that's not us. I forgot my camera. Use your imagination and picture me here.

We had a great time and I’m at 13678 steps for the day so far.  And that’s before I meet a friend for tennis this afternoon.  I’m rocking on with my bad self today.

Hope your weekend rocks too!


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  1. November 22, 2009 9:16 am

    WAY TO GO!!!! That is awesome. Keep up the great work. You really do inspire some of us to get off our lazy tushies 😉
    My weekend will rock later today with the return of my hubby from the dreaded sandbox. Can you tell I am excited? lol 🙂

  2. debby permalink
    November 22, 2009 9:47 am

    Wow! You are really doing great keeping up with your steps.

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