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Snowpocalypse Now – Day 1

February 7, 2010

As I’m sure you are aware, we are experiencing the Snowpocalypse.  Fortunately I have thoroughly documented it for you.  Without further ado, Day 1 (Friday):

8:00am     My street is suspiciously empty.  I think everyone and their brother went in to work early today so they can justify leaving work before the wrath of the Snopocalypse hits.  Rush hour is supposed to be right in the belly of the storm.

9:00am     No work is getting done at the office.  We’re flipping between reading the local weather websites, and the Yorecast.  Which is the weather forecast done by a teacher (Mr. Yore) at Bosslady’s kid’s school who apparently is a frustrated meteorologist.  Of all of them, the Yorecast is clearly the most entertaining.

10:00am     It has started to snow.  The flakes are so fine you can barely see them.  Nothing is sticking.

Noon     I leave work.  Embarrassingly, there is nothing on the roads. 

1:00pm     Still no accumulation.  I decide to run an errand across town. 

4:00pm     The snow finally begins to stick, after falling steadily for the last 6 hours. 

6:00pm     In time honored Baltimore snow day tradition, the neighbors and I go out for dinner and drinks.  The snow is still falling.

10:30pm     I decide to come home.  Fueled by burgers and bourbon, I tackle shoveling the sidewalk for the first time.  When I finish I look like this:

Remember when you were a kid and you'd jump in the pool but not get your head wet, so that the bottom half of your hair is soaked and the top half is dry? It was like that.


Here's the sidewalk. Note the snow is still falling.


Cecilia helped out

After a little bit Cecilia got cold.

Feeder, my frozen paws require your attention.

11:00     I climb in bed and curl up with The Help, which Bosslady was kind enough to loan to me on account of I Am Charlotte Simmons being such a terrible book.  The snow is still falling.

Thus ends Snowpocalypse Day 1.

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