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Snowpocalypse Day 63

February 10, 2010

Oh wait, it’s only Day 6?  I guess it just seems longer.

Yesterday I actually made it to work.  My boss gave me a ride in and another coworker drove me home.  Of course it started snowing again at noon yesterday, so that added an extra edge of excitement to the day. 

What’s traffic going to be like?  Should we leave early?  Can we swing by Home Depot for more salt?

And we did go to Home Depot, but of course they were sold out of salt.  And shovels.  And scrapers. (Note to self: Any future housewarming gift from now on will be a snow shovel.)

So guess what I bought instead (along with about half of the store):

Salt is salt, right?

Let’s hope it works.

Today is Wednesday and I’m blogging in the midst of a blizzard.  We have a warning in effect until 7pm tonight.  They are predicting 12 – 20 inches.  Needless to say, Baltimore has never had a winter like this.  The city has declared “Phase 3” meaning that only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads.

I know you all must be wondering about Mrs. Baby.  I saw her yesterday and she is still preggo.  I hope that baby decides to stay put today!

In the midst of all this snow, do you know what I’m looking forward to?  SAN DIEGO!  Warmth, palm trees, beaches…

KK’s husband called me out of the blue and suggested that KK and I do a girls weekend.  I was planning to head out to Reno to visit the family, but instead we are running away to San Diego.  Some of you may remember last year when KK and I toured San Francisco.  Well, I guess that was technically KK, Cricket and me. 

Preggo KK and I on our way to Muir Woods last year. Somebody needs to teach me photography - this picture is atrocious.

This year KK’s husband suggested someplace a little warmer.  Right about now I’m thinking that man is a genius.  So, can anyone give me the insider’s scoop on SD?  I know I want to see the zoo, but pretty much everything else is up in the air.  Input, please.

Signing off from snowy Baltimore,


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  1. debby permalink
    February 11, 2010 12:49 am

    San Diego sounds luscious! I loved going to Sea World (its been years since I was there. And the ‘Old Town’ is supposed to be a great place to visit for fun shopping and good restaurants.

    Wow, that is something else, that snow! I laughed out loud (really) when I saw your title!

  2. seriouslykk permalink
    February 11, 2010 12:12 pm

    The blur makes me look less bloated!

  3. February 12, 2010 11:59 am

    San Diego will be fun no matter what you do. Here in town we have a big spice company and 1 or 2 years ago they donated leftover garlic salt to the city for the roads. So yes, I think salt is salt. 🙂

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