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The Swirl, It Is Strong Today

April 14, 2010

See how I’m blatantly stealing from my friend Jill?  She oftentimes references the swirl in her head.  I can totally relate.  Today I have lots swirling around so once again you’re getting a list-o-randomness. 

One day I hope to write coherent essays again.  Dare to dream, Juice!

a.  One of my neighbors has had a broken beer bottle on the sidewalk for the past 4 days.  Everytime I come around the corner with Cecilia I pull up short at the sight of glass.  Then we have to walk in the street for a while until we get past the all the pieces.  I may break down this weekend and just pick it up myself.   Slackers.

b. Cecilia found a huge bone in the alley this morning.  I’m attributing it to trash day and not a potential homicide.

c.  I’m hosting a new foster kid this weekend.  But this weekend already feels different from other foster weekends.  Both her foster mom AND her social worker have contacted me to let me know she is on restriction and should not have any fun this weekend!  That has never happened before.  Apparently Miss Restriction has done some bad bad stuff including school suspensions plus.  And of course I can’t go into all the details but it is bad.  I’ve also been warned to be on guard as she is very manipulative.

The downside to this is that the fun activities I do with kids pass the time.  So I’m frantically trying to come up with un-fun activities to pass the time.  Cleaning, running errands, documentaries instead of movies, earlier bedtime, long walks with Cecilia, etc.  It will be an interesting weekend.

d.  I took off last Friday to attend O’s-pening Day with my friend Ridgely.  We had a blast!

Extreme close up of Ridgely and me

Friday was so much fun that Saturday was painful.  Partly because all common sense flew out the window on Friday.   In what universe does it make sense to drink beer from noon until 7pm with nary a water?

In no universe, that’s where.

e.  Saturday I had no time to lick my wounds as I had to get hopping and be a rock star.  Or at least shop like a rock star.  At this store:

They call it Guitar Center, but it really is Testosterone Center. 

DMW and I tested out microphones.  ‘Cause that’s loads of fun with a headache.  We ended up with Sennheisers if anyone is interested in a random detail.  Maybe Marvin is.

And I switched microphone stands.  I was borrowing one like this:

But now I purchased one like this:

So now I can practice some fancy microphone tricks.  Anyone got a scarf I can borrow?

f.  Finally.  That picture from yesterday?  I’m now the proud owner of a new gutter and downspout.  Middle age, thy name is Juice.

The swirl has quieted.  I leave you in peace.

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  1. April 14, 2010 9:08 pm

    Ah, the Swirl…can only be quieted through the magic of a blog post!

    What a fun weekend you had!! I love a good ball game. And I seriously think you should tape your next gig and put it on Youtube so we can all be dazzled by your amazing voice. That would be cool!

    Not sure what to do with Miss Restricted. Good luck with her.

  2. April 15, 2010 8:23 am

    Yes, isn’t middle age exciting? I was so pleased the day my husband put screens on our gutters so they wouldn’t fill up with leaves and birds who don’t have the sense to know what a window is. Anyway…happy for your new gutters!

    I’ll be interested to know who you spend the weekend with Miss Restricted.

  3. April 15, 2010 11:25 am

    You can’t be middle-aged, because that would make me O-OO-OOOOLD. And I’m not ready to be old.

    Also, maybe I’m not middle-aged yet, because I pay no attention to my rain gutters and downspouts. Which makes for a large puddle right in front of my door. Sophie and Mr. Monk wish their mom would act her age and get that taken care of.

    That doesn’t seem fair to make you continue the punishment when you have no relationship yet. I’ll be really interested to hear about your weekend.

  4. April 20, 2010 9:51 am

    New to your blog, but just wanted to say that I was with the O’s on Saturday night.

    Took a nice long nap, then left in the 8th inning.

    Of course you had to drink! What else is there to do??

    Nice stadium, though!


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