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May 12, 2010

Animal shelters can break your heart.

Oh my.  This dog search is all consuming.

Do you know what needs?  They need a filter to show newly added dogs. 

Other sites do it.  If you are job hunting will email you new jobs that fit your parameters.  Daily. 

Why not Petfinder?  Because I have to tell you it is exhausting looking through lists and lists of potential dogs.

Exhausting but fun.  The possibilities!  The cute pictures!

The realization that I have looked at this dog three times already and disqualified it each time.

I’m making progress.  I met a dog yesterday.  Cute cute CUTE as a button.  But very shy, frail and timid.  I fell in love but realized that I wouldn’t be the best home for her.  Sigh.

I have the local animal shelter on speed dial and I either call or stop by every other day to see if any new littles have arrived. 

The rescue woman I met with yesterday to see the timid dog is keeping her eyes open for me.  They get a lot of small dogs through owner surrender, so I’m optimistic about prospects there.

My mom is keeping her eyes open in Florida for me.  She spent a good chunk of her day yesterday examining two prospects at a shelter down there.  Neither ended up being the right candidate, but we are narrowing down our criteria.

My poor family and coworkers have been listening to me prattle on ad naseum about dogs.  My family listens because they love me.  My coworkers probably think I’m a little nutso.  Fortunately my friend Ridgely is always willing to discuss dogs.  She says she is living vicariously through my dog search.

Here’s a pic of Ridgely and her puppy Quincy on my birthday hike last year:

Quincy is too little to walk the whole hike!

I can’t wait for Quincy to have a new playfriend. 

Hold on Q-Man.  You’ll have a new friend in God’s perfect time.

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  1. May 12, 2010 10:11 am

    1. You probably think I stalk you, but honestly I was in Google Reader when you posted and it updates automatically – I hadn’t seen it update before my eyes until this morning.

    2. I ache for all those dogs.

    3. Why is Mr. Shy, frail and timid not for you? Just asking. You don’t have to answer. I’m not entirely sure what you are looking for. Are you searching for a small dog with lots of spunk? A puppy? A grown up? If I missed a post, I’m sorry. Please redirect me!!

    4. Repeating myself here: I can’t wait to hear about the connection/rescue story. Those are just the best.

  2. Juice permalink*
    May 12, 2010 10:18 am

    1. I’m flattered. You are too far away and not creepy enough to be considered a stalker.
    2. Me too.
    3. Good question. Cecilia was a fairly shy dog. I thought it might be nice this go-round to have a dog that is a little more playful and interactive with other dogs.
    More importantly, Little Miss Timid was abandoned in her home by her previous owners. I’m afraid that I will compound her trauma by leaving her every day for work. I think she would do best in a home with another companion dog or with an owner who is home more during the day. It was a tough decision because she is truly a sweet and absolutely beautiful dog, but I just don’t think I’m the best environment for her to thrive.
    4. Stay tuned!

  3. debby permalink
    May 13, 2010 12:20 am

    Oh so exciting! And a little frustrating. I guess you try narrowing down your search on petfinder by using different zip codes, or breeds. Do they let you put ‘small?’ I can’t remember. You are a social butterfly. I never cared if my dogs would play with other dogs. I’m pretty happy if they will just tolerate each other in the same house!

    I will say about Miss Shy that I think for the most part dogs forget their previous owners and what went on. Now that I write that I guess I don’t have any proof that it’s true. I just know that I am always surprised at how quickly dogs adapt and adjust when I get them. The German Shepherds that I have had always had the longest adjustment period. I think it is because of their extreme loyalty and intelligence.

    Well, I am excited to see who you end up with!

  4. May 13, 2010 2:43 pm

    How cool! I know you’ll find a wonderful new companion.

    I was going to launch into a story about our Bela, but then I realized it was turning into a blog post! *blush* She is a humane society rescue dog, found with some help from a local corgi rescue group. She was a really shy-with-people dog at the beginning–always friendly and confident around other dogs, though, especially the big boys!–but she blossomed over time.

    As for how much she remembers, I’m not sure how long it takes dogs to forget. It’s interesting: when a doorbell would ring on TV, she would bark…and we never had a doorbell. (Now she’s quite hard of hearing, if not completely deaf, and she doesn’t bark at anything.) She still has some residual fears, even after 11 years with us; fly swatters, for example.

    • May 13, 2010 2:46 pm

      I meant to add, part of what increased her confidence was what the Humane Society folks recommended: get her around dogs who were happy and confident with people. She spent some of her early years with us going to doggie daycare a couple of days a week, and they kept her in the office part of the day to help get her used to being around people.

      • May 13, 2010 5:33 pm

        P.P.S. – My condolences on trying to use Petfinder’s search facility. You got me curious about the site, and you’re right; it’s one of the most poorly-implemented searches I’ve ever used.

  5. Dawn's Dad permalink
    May 13, 2010 11:06 pm

    Keep looking. When you find the right dog, you’ll know it – and they’ll pick you. Rescue dogs are the best. While they may have some hang-up’s (and don’t we all?) , they will love you even more for all the love you give them. Don’t be in a hurry, it’s worth the wait.

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