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Pictures From Last Weekend

May 20, 2010

Finally!  Pictures from last weekend with Moon.  She really is a sweet puppy and I hope she gets adopted soon.

Oh, how she loved this bully stick.

Puppy in a box so that Juice can shower in peace.

How cute are those ears??

We finally wore her out! Note Miss Restriction (formerly scared of dogs) on the sofa next to Moon. They got along very well.

Do you know anyone in Baltimore who wants a puppy?  Because Moon is still available and seeking her forever home.  She has lots of love to give.  And energy.

Did I mention the energy?

PS Don’t forget to submit your name suggestions!

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  1. debby permalink
    May 21, 2010 1:02 am

    You see that last picture you posted there? Have you noticed that I have NEVER posted a picture like that of Noah9pi (spelled with help from Noah) Yes, that’s because I’ve NEVER seen Noah sleep. Well, there’s a reason they call them guardian dogs…

  2. May 21, 2010 5:08 am

    I feel your pain. I thought I was going to go off the deep end when a certain hubby convinced me to get a puppy for our son’s 1st birthday. Thankfully the Sparticus was more than happy to help with the energy issue. I wish I had gotten a picture when Tiger was smaller when they would play but it is kinda hard to get a freeze frame on a high speed, furry tumbleweed. 15 months later I wouldn’t trade him for the world… well there are those times when his doggy gas makes me pray for death or the fact he likes to “hug” me when I get home. Word of advice if you are short don’t adopt a giant puppy. One day they will be as tall as you are 😉 I love the pics. What a cutie pie. I would take her in if we had any more room cause I am “that” person. BTW thanks for my pay it forward. I love it. It is perfect for Bobby’s nature walks. Now I can properly chase him without leaving a trail of sticks, rocks & leaves in my wake.

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