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A Visit To Reno

December 12, 2010

Last weekend I took a quick trip to Reno.  BIL was on an extended business trip and I thought KK could use a little adult company (and an extra pair of hands with the kiddos).  Our plans for the weekend changed when Cricket came down with a fever.  Saturday night found Tank and I sleeping at home while KK and Cricket spent five hours in the emergency room.  Double ear infection and possibly strep.  Yuk!  Cricket is on the mend thanks to our good friend amoxicillan. 

Some pics from Reno:

Cricket loves to give Amber treats


Sewing with Auntie Juice

Just one question:  How come everyone tells me that my hat is cute, when I actually appear to have a watermelon for a head? 

Cooking lessons start early in KK's kitchen

Yum! This dinner was delicious!


Check out that leg – watch for Tank in the 2027 draft.

When Tank saw that picture he was especially taken by the football blur in the top left corner.

Don’t leave me with this wacko. She doesn’t even know she has a watermelon head.
How about a lovely family portrait by the tree?
This pic cracks me up

Our plans to go snow tubing were strepped (get it?), but we still made the most of our time together.  A visit to Reno is always good.

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  1. December 12, 2010 10:45 am

    Awww, poor little Cricket makes me want to hug her and make it all better! I’m glad she’s on the mend. Time spent with family is time well spent. Chloe didn’t go?

    • Juice permalink*
      December 12, 2010 1:35 pm

      Chloe stayed with Matty and his family. It’s such a long flight there and back, plus I thought she might have a little too much energy for Cricket.

  2. Brooklyn_Friend permalink
    December 13, 2010 11:42 pm

    Your niece and nephew are SO adorable!!!!

    And wow, those roasted chickens look amaaaaazing (of course this comes from someone who, as you know, doesn’t cook on a regular basis). I wish I had a sister….

    Then again, my baby brother (K9) and I had an interesting conversation last night about Clorox toilet wands are and its merits (works well, disposable) and demerits (expensive, they don’t sell them in stores anymore). Lol. 🙂

    • Brooklyn_Friend permalink
      December 13, 2010 11:44 pm

      Oops, I added “I know, I know, you don’t like LOLs” but it was in carrot brackets so it didn’t show up! (and please excuse the additional “are” that got put in after the word ‘wands’.

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