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And Blackie Is Still Here

August 22, 2011

You’d think with five applications pending Blackie would have been out the door by now.  Except he’s still here.  He really is a cute little guy and everyone who sees him loves him, but he does have some special needs.  Blackie was probably abused in his former life and certain things can set him off.  So he needs an experienced owner who can put the time and effort into rehabilitating him.

He’s come a long way in two weeks.  He’s playing and wrestling with Chloe now.  It is such a joy to listen to them running through the house together.  We’re working on walking without growling at certain people (Blackie has a “type” that offends him).  The other day we needed to teach him that dancing feet are not an invitation to bite. 

I’m pretty sure that all of his issues relate back to fear aggression.  I think his new owners (whoever they will be) would benefit from working with a behaviorist to overcome this stuff. 

In the meantime we’re integrating him into life at Casa Juice.  Saturday he attended his second concert at Pier 5.  Our friend Hanover Red joined us.  We ate at Chipotle before the show which with two dogs tied up was really peaceful.  Or not.  Walking through the Inner Harbor gave us lots of opportunities to tell people about Mutts Matter Rescue and opportunities to ask people to vote for Chloe!


Disregard my demon eye. Really I sweet.




Blackie, how ’bout you go home with Hanover Red?

You can barely see it in this picture, but I was wearing my Vote for Chloe! sticker.  I’ve given out over 150 stickers asking for votes so far.  

Semi-related side story:
When I was a little kid I participated in gymnastics.  We were always doing fundraisers.  My mom taught me my first sales pitch:
Would you like to buy a candy bar to support my gymnastics team?  It’s only a dollar.
The key to this pitch included the fact that I was VERY small for my age and so I appeared even younger than I actually was.  Plus I targeted my audience.  Middle aged man in business suit?  Score.  Harried mom with two crying kids?  Pass.  Worked like a charm.
I  bet Mom never guessed I’d still be selling stuff to strangers 30+ years later.  I can’t pull off the cute expression anymore, but Chloe handles that for me these days.


You please vote me for Camp Unleashed? It only take minute.


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  1. August 23, 2011 10:53 am

    Years ago, we have five feral cats we were trying to adopt out. One went to a couple who seemed to understand the word “patience” when we spoke to them repeatedly about what it would take to work with a feral cat. It takes years. They came several times and finally decided to take her home. A few days later I get a frantic call about how the cat won’t come out from under the bed. I went to their house and coaxed her out from under the bed to take her home with me (we still have her).

    While I was there, they said they thought it wouldn’t work out because they wanted a lap cat for their elderly mother. I had no intention of leaving her there anyway, but that was certainly the last straw. Some people really don’t understand.

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