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The Trip Back To Camp Unleashed

October 12, 2012

A packed car… a VIP…

That’s Very Important Passenger

and a fuel stop… and we were on our way to Camp Unleashed! This was my view for more of the ride than I would have liked.  Chloe had a booster seat and a bed in the back, but my lap was her favorite place. We stopped at the Virginia Creeper Trail in Abingdon, VA to stretch our legs.  Originally Dad and I were going to meet at the trail for a bike ride, but rain earlier in the week scuttled our plans.  Bummer, because it looked like a terrific trail!

Mama, put me down. I see something!

Chloe and I did a short walk before getting back on the road. The next morning we were up bright and early to continue our trip.

Dis my new harness. Is purple for Ravens. Now I stuck in this booster seat.

The North Carolina welcome center was huge!  Lovely grounds, lots of brochures and clean bathrooms.  Virginia, take note.

At last we reached our destination – Camp Unleashed!  (Hosted at Camp Green Cove.)

Let the fun begin!

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  1. seriouslykk permalink
    October 12, 2012 1:16 pm

    Chlo-in-the-dark looks good in purple, but she’d also look really good in Niner red! (Oooo, I’m going too far, aren’t I?) ;))

  2. debby permalink
    October 14, 2012 1:13 am

    Oh how fun! can hardly wait to hear the rest of the story!

  3. October 14, 2012 6:06 pm

    So glad you got to go back this year! Can’t wait to hear more about the adventures!


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