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Camp Unleashed Highlights

October 15, 2012

1. We stayed in a cozy cabin with Murdock and his mom Storm Waterfall, Bean and her mom Raven Derecho, and Molly and her mom Drizzle Spitfire (aka St. Julie of the Poplar).  It was a little chilly this visit, so I tucked blankets around Chloe to keep her warm at night.  That would last for part of the night and then Chloe would decide to climb in the bunk with me.  Or Drizzle.

2.Coffee on the deck on misty mornings.

3.  Getting our nature fix.

4. Fishing with Drizzle

You share bait?

Fine. I catch own fish.

5. Photo sessions

I know. Black dogs hard to photograph. But well worth trouble.

Chloe: Dis picture represent modern alienation caused by an increasingly online and fractured society.
Molly: You got treats?

Molly, Chloe, Murdock


I ready!

We went canoeing with Bean and Raven twice!

7. Hiking

Mama, dis last picture. I busy hunting.

Notice how all the dogs are clustered around Drizzle? It’s because she’s a human pez dispenser!

We had a terrific time at camp.  It was the perfect break from job hunting and preparing my house for a move.  Four days with good friends and funny dogs and lots and lots of laughter.   Chloe got her Canine Good Citizen certification while she was there.  We did a couple of night hikes with flashlights and Drizzle achieved sainthood by walking at the front of the pack waving a leafy poplar branch to break up spiderwebs.

Leaving was bittersweet.   Chloe had definite ideas about what she wanted to do:

Auntie Raven, I go home you and Bean?

Another wonderful vacation at Camp Unleashed!

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  1. October 15, 2012 7:57 pm

    Such a good time! I’m glad they have Camp Unleashed in CA too!

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