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Football And More Football

October 27, 2012

Poppi and I indulged in one last East Coast road trip before heading West (and yes, I had to look up whether to capitalize that or not – thank goodness for the internet!).

This time we headed to Lancaster, PA, home to Dad’s alma mater Franklin & Marshall.

The F&M Diplomats whooped up on the McDaniel College Green Terror.  It was great to get to watch a final game here.  F&M is where I learned to love football.  Dad would take me to games when I was in elementary school.  I still remember sitting in the stands as he explained the concept of downs.  I listened to him, but dollars to donuts I was busy plotting how I could convince him to buy me another snack.  Fortunately the lessons stuck and I’ve enjoyed football ever since.

The F&M dance troop performed at half time.  Just a little different from the SEC football I got used to at Vanderbilt!

A quick swing by Dad’s old frat house and we were headed back to Baltimore.

The next day we headed to Ravens Stadium to watch a tense game against the Cowboys.  A missed field goal in the last few seconds ensured a win for Baltimore.

Pretty much a perfect weekend of football!

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  1. October 27, 2012 10:28 am

    A great time! Love the small college games. But there is also nothing like SEC Football!

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