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Moving In

November 23, 2012

Dad stuck around to help with the initial move into the apartment.  The truck with my belongings wasn’t scheduled to arrive for a few more days, but I was anxious to be finished with hotel living.

I rented this apartment over the internet.  The website looked pretty, but you just never know.  Fortunately the pictures were true to life.  And there was even a little something extra:

A flock of wild turkeys!

Dad, Chloe and I took a self-guided tour of the complex.

It didn’t take long to unpack my things.

Camping in my bedroom

The living room felt a little spartan, but the space was enlivened by a new TV.

A flat screen at last

On Tuesday, I moved into the apartment and Dad left to drive to Reno to visit KK.  I started work on Wednesday and took delivery on Friday.

That orange truck was a sight for sore eyes

Chloe helped with the unpacking.

Dis lot of work. I feel like McKayla Maroney. Not impressed.

Dad came back over the weekend to help with unpacking.  He devised a system to maximize the space in my small storage closet.  Thank goodness for Dads.

And I’m not talking turkey!

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  1. November 24, 2012 5:06 pm

    I loved the picture of Chloe with the “Not Impressed” look! I laughed out loud! I love the look of your apartment complex. So glad it was just as you hoped!

  2. debby permalink
    November 26, 2012 12:17 am

    The turkeys in an apartment complex! People are going to think us Californians are uncivilized!

    And now 2 meet ups with no photographic evidence?? What is wrong with me?


  1. Turkeys Gone Wild | all things juice

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