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A Visit To The Farmers’ Market

January 4, 2013

What in the world took me so long to get to a farmers’ market out here?  I guess with the moving in and the traveling and whatnot I just kind of forgot about it.  Plus, the East Coaster in me just knew that a winter farmer’s market would be small and uninteresting.

Think again, my friend.


That is a heck of a lot of booths for December!

One thing I noticed immediately is that not all vendors were ready to roll when the market opened at 8am.  In Baltimore I know several of us had a strategy to arrive slightly before the official opening of the market to ensure you got first dibs on the best stuff.  I guess they are a little more laid back here on the west coast.  Go figure.

Another difference?  No one ever sold wine at a Baltimore farmers’ market.


Not only is she selling wine, but those larger bottles are refillable. Oh those crazy eco-conscious Californians!

I bought some brussel sprouts that had been picked just the day before.  I took some with me to Reno for Christmas and unknowingly started KK on a brussel sprout kick.  I think she’s had them 3 times in the last week!


This vendor thought I was wackadoo when I asked to take a picture with his sprouts.

I picked up some lovely apples from Apple Hill.


All of the stands had these signs with the name of the farm, location and the slogan “We grow what we sell.”  It made me feel good to be supporting the community this way.


Hey Poppi, this is where I got your Christmas pistachios.

Since then I’ve checked out a market in a different location and walked away with some organic almonds and olive oil.  California is awesome!

I have yet to check out the most prestigious market.  That one is held on Sundays in downtown Sac.  Stay tuned.

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