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Christmas In Reno

January 17, 2013

I was very excited to celebrate my first Christmas in Reno.  Watching the kids wake up to presents, attending Christmas Eve service at church, eating KK’s yummy cooking… Fun times!  Except the weather seemed to want to play havoc with my travel plans.  Before going “up the hill” as the locals call it, I carefully studied the weather and decided that the best possible time to travel would be Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Yup, just 24 hours in Reno, but still enough time to celebrate.

Here’s a pic of  Chloe all ready for the trip.  You’ll notice that she has her purple Ravens travel harness on.  Oftentimes I’ll skip the harness and just let her hop in and out of her car seat.  Not this trip.  I was nervous about those mountains!  She was clipped in the entire trip.


I no understand Mama. You mad at me?

KK called before I left Sacramento and told me to get chains for my tires (eeek!) and cash just in case I need to pay someone to put them on for me.  So I bought chains.  Merry Christmas to me!


Gee Santa, just what I always wanted: Chains for my tires.

The trip up wasn’t really that bad.  The sun was shining and the snow on the mountains was beautiful.


The highway had signs with chain warnings.  Several cars were on the side of the road putting chains on, but I suspect that is because they were planning to exit the highway and drive on more treacherous side roads.  The highway itself was in good shape.


We attended a beautiful service at KK’s church and then feasted on stuffed pork tenderloin.  I brought our family’s traditional holiday dessert: gingerbread with chocolate chips.  Served with lots of whipped cream.


I was too busy playing with the kids to remember to take pictures of them! Here’s a quick shot of Cricket ready for church.

Cricket fell asleep while we read bedtime stories together.  Let’s not comment on my Hello Kitty pajamas.  Yes, they are silly, but they are also the warmest pajamas I’ve ever owned!  I even bought KK a pair as a joke / serious Christmas present.



Christmas Day my brother in law was able to virtually hang out with us from Afghanistan.  Modern technology is amazing.


Here’s a family portrait.  You can’t tell from the picture but the Captain was wearing his Santa hat too.



I was on the road back to Sacramento by 10:30am Christmas Day.  Just in time too – the snow started on my drive home.


And that was Christmas 2012.

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  1. sparkles permalink
    January 17, 2013 5:29 am

    Love the jammies! Love that Chloe is such a good girl. And love that you now have many opportunities to spend special (and everyday) events with your KK and the kiddos! x

  2. January 17, 2013 8:32 am

    I have always thought the world of you but the Hello Kitty PJ’s take it to a new level. LOVE!!! So glad you were able to spend Christmas is such a lovely way!

  3. seriouslykk permalink
    January 17, 2013 12:40 pm

    It’s a good thing we’re coming to see you tomorrow… because this just makes me miss ya! 🙂

  4. Brooklyn_Friend permalink
    January 18, 2013 1:33 am

    Juice – I promised myself I couldn’t comment on your blog until I sent you an email. 🙂 Anyway, the pics are soooooo gorgeous and Cricket is sooooooo cute! Glad you had an awesome Christmas~~~

  5. debby permalink
    January 18, 2013 9:30 pm

    Oh wow, you are brave to go over the mountain in the winter! What a fun report.

    Did you get your chains at Les Schwab? They had a deal where you could buy them and if you didn’t use them for the whole season, you could return them. I thought that was a great idea.

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