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A Walk To Begin The New Year

January 21, 2013

New Year’s Day was sunny and inviting.  I began the year with a Sacramento Walking Sticks event downtown.


The Tower Bridge. According to wikipedia, citizens voted in 2001 to paint the bridge gold.

The California Fruit Building made me smile.  You don’t see anything like that in Baltimore.  I’ve been a little obsessed lately with all the citrus fruit here in Sacramento.  It just boggles my mind to see lemon, grapefruit and orange trees growing everywhere.


Our walk took us through Sacramento’s (small) Chinatown.  Here I am reading about Sun Yat Sen in front of his statue.


We made a quick stop into the Amtrak station to see the murals.


Here are some of the walkers in front of a historic home.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember what was historically significant about this one.  Way to be a good blogger, Juice.


Now this home I do remember.  It’s the old Dorothea Puente house.  Dorothea is a famous Sacramento serial killer.  She took in boarders and then killed them and buried them in concrete in her back yard.

Apparently the new owners have a warped sense of humor.  Notice the mannequin with a shovel at the top of the stairs.


And the sign: Trespassers will be drugged and buried in the yard. Yikes!


Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos painted trees in Sacramento blue to raise awareness of global deforestation.  Don’t worry, he used eco-friendly pigment.  The color should last until springtime.


The Leland Stanford mansion is beautiful – I can’t wait to tour it sometime.


2013 is off to a good start in my new home Sacramento.

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  1. January 21, 2013 10:39 am

    So pretty! I’ve never been to Sacramento but your pictures and descriptions (and having you there, of course) make me want to visit!

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