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My First Trip To Napa

February 11, 2013

Last weekend ex-Neighbor C came out to visit me in Sacramento.  Her one request was that we visit Napa.


I stopped at the bookstore to prepare for our adventure.

Napa is only 70 minutes from Sacramento according to Google maps.

Even though it was the middle of winter, the scenery was still beautiful.  C kept taking pictures out the window.


Our first stop was the town of Napa.  The visitor center gave us some great ideas and helped us book a hotel for the night.


Neighbor C ready to roll


I prepared as well

Downtown Napa was very cute.


This sidewalk taught us how to dance the cha cha. Thanks Napa!

The Napa Valley seemed to have a woodland theme going on.


A squirrel topiary


and a squirrel statue

Whats the deal with the squirrels, Napa?

Are squirrels the new owls?

But I digress.

Moving on…


The Oxbow Market in Napa

We visited Silver Oak first.  C refused to take a picture with the wheelbarrow statue.  She’s such a spoilsport.


Wheelbarrow statue! Whee!

We also visited BV, V. Sattui (awesome deli!) and Long Meadow Ranch (wine and olive oil tastings!).


The “B” is pronounced like “bowl YOU”

For lunch I requested that we check out Bouchon Bakery.


The courtyard at Bouchon

The next day we headed up to Calistoga.


After a day of wine on Friday we decided that Calistoga Saturday would be more of a spa day.  We were both intrigued by the mud baths.  And they were lots of fun as soon as I had the attendant pour a tub of ice into my bath to cool it down.  I just can’t take the heat!


Neighbor C is a fan of hot tubs, so she did well in the 105 degree mud. Those are the actual tubs behind us.

We had probably the best pizza I’ve had in California so far at Bosko’s.  Then we spent the remainder of the afternoon shopping and meandering our way back to Sacramento.


It was an awesome introduction to Napa.  Neighbor C is already planning her return trip!

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  1. February 18, 2013 5:24 pm

    Oh my goodness – what a lovely trip! Wish I knew you were going – I have a favorite spa to recommend in Calistoga!! Let me know next time (and I will continue my vicarious living through you!)


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