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Santa Cruz. And Vans.

March 21, 2013

Saturday morning Neighbor K and I headed up the coast to Santa Cruz.  We passed fields and  fields of artichokes. I’d never seen artichokes growing before so I thought that was pretty cool.  In fact, most of California’s agriculture gets me unreasonably geeked up.  It’s not like I haven’t seen farmland in the past, but California is something special.

We stopped at a roadside fruit stand.  Neighbor K was astounded at this sign: 7 pounds of oranges for a dollar!


Is that insane?

Of course we had to get our pictures taken with the artichoke cut out.


Once we arrived in Santa Cruz we were both dead set on finding fresh artichoke for lunch.  Fortunately for us, we found a visitor’s kiosk right in downtown Santa Cruz with an awesome guide.  She was friendly, engaging and so well informed.  We were pointed to a non-touristy lunch spot (with fresh artichoke – YES!) and then given fantastic recommendations about how to spend the rest of the day, complete with parking information.  I wish I could remember her name because she really deserves a thank you.

We split this artichoke, but next time I want my own!

We split this artichoke, but next time I want my own!

I’m fascinated by the surf culture in Santa Cruz.





All those black dots on the water are surfers!

I found the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum chock full of interesting things.


This guy was set up just outside of the surf museum, playing his heart out on drums set up inside his van.


And I’m not certain, but I suspect this guy might actually be living in his van…


Notice his laundry hanging to dry?

Of course you have your all-purpose surf van:


Later on we discovered the dog beach.  I vowed to bring Chloe back.

IMG_2105Oh yes, Santa Cruz.  I will be back.




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  1. March 22, 2013 12:54 pm

    This looks like so much fun! And I would be geeked up about all that agriculture too!

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