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May In Reno, Part 1

June 5, 2013

I traveled to Reno twice in May for two good reasons.  The first weekend I came up to spend time with Cricket and Thomas while KK and Mr. K attended a mandatory military training.  Childcare was provided for the kids, but I snatched an opportunity to spend time with my two favorite munchkins.

As always, I was greeted by LOTS of energy and new things to show off.

A new move from gymnastics…


And Mommy’s high heels…


Whoops, I guess you can’t really see the heels in that pic.  I just love her smile in that one.  Here are the heels:


We bundled up and headed for the playground.  Tank figured out a new way to power the merry go round.


Lying down on the job!

And yes, there were wood chips all over him (and my car).

More playground pics:

Then it was time for our traditional pizza dinner at Grimaldi’s.


Killing time with bananagrams

And obligatory statue poses.

Power to the people!

Power to the people!

Gangnam style

Gangnam style

KK and Mr. K spent the night downtown so it was up to Auntie Juice to get kids dressed and ready for church on time.  The promise of a donut post-service sped things along nicely, although Cricket tried to get one over on me.  She did not want her hair done for church, so I gave her the option of getting her hair done or sitting in her room in time out.  While in time out, she opened the door to go downstairs, breezily telling me “I’m going to get a snack!”

Um, not so fast sister.

Everyone knows there ain’t no snacks in time out!

Fortunately we made it to church in time for service.  And everyone’s hair was done.

A quick errand at the Home Depot to make some spare keys*…


…and my work in Reno was done for the weekend.

Until next time Reno!

*Thomas asked if he could pick out the key designs.  He chose a cross “because we go to church” and a flag “because we’re a military family.”  That boy might be the sweetest 8 year old I know.

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  1. June 5, 2013 7:43 am

    I love this! What a fun weekend (and an amazing auntie)! Great pictures too!

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