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Mom Was Here

April 4, 2013

My mom came to visit the other weekend.  We had a whole list of fun activities to do:  a road trip to Santa Rosa, visiting the Charles Schulz museum, seeing the new Eames exhibit at the California Museum.

Except we didn’t do any of those.

Because I also had a list of mommy-dos.

You see my mom has a knack for the decorating.  She’s great at spatial stuff (ie rearranging furniture in her head), selecting colors and making things comfortable.  Plus she’s lived in so many houses through the years that she has great life lessons to share.

So while we planned on doing some apartment fixing up and some tourism stuff, we ended up spending the entire weekend making my apartment even cozier.

I may never move out.

This blog might turn into “the life and times of an old lady and her dog in Sacramento.”  And you’ll see me, all wrinkled.  And Chloe’s successor. And we’ll still be here in this cozy apartment.

Wanna see?


My living room in disarray as we rearrange pictures

Some new lamps and a different grouping above the sofa.  I was planning on hanging that door above the sofa, but we decided we kind of like it in the corner.


Mom added greenery to the top of the shelf unit to disguise the earthquake straps.  And yes, that smaller picture is too high.  I did that after Mom left.  Sigh.  It’s lower now and looks better.

See that box next to my TV?  Dad made that for me years ago.  It’s now repurposed as a remote holder.


The guest room got a new comforter, some rearranged furniture and bedside reading lamp.  It’s still in progress.  We’ve got curtains to hang, pictures to frame and that wall behind the bed will be painted eventually.  Even half done it looks way better than before.


Another shot of the guest room.  Doesn’t Debby’s quilt look nice in there?


A new nightstand and reading lamp for my bedroom…it is so nice to read in bed without a book light!


These big baskets are a nice change from my small laundry hamper.


This might be my favorite improvement of all:  knobs, knobs, glorious knobs!!!!

Seriously, there was not a single knob in the entire apartment.  I’ve lost count of the number of fingernails I’ve broken opening doors and drawers.  These knobs make me SOOOOOOOOOO happy!


Dear Knobs, I love you. Will you marry me? Sincerely, Juice

So there you have it.  Not a single picture of Mom, but a lot of evidence that she’s been here.

Oh, need more evidence?

How about an Easter jackalope all the way from Florida?


Feer de jackalope

Or some love for our Chloe?


Dis my Mr. Peepers. Dis my St. Patrick’s Day neckerchief. Gifts from Grambi. You no take.

I’d like to think that there may be an Eames exhibit in our future.  Then again, that patio could really use some attention…

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  1. April 4, 2013 7:37 am

    Everything looks great! Your mom is quite a talent, Juice! But definitely make it to the Charles Schultz museum. One of my favorite places I’ve ever visited!

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